Frequently Asked Questions about Latino

1. What defines a latino?
Latino's are defined by their history, their contribution, their existence and recognition of indigenous people and their heritage, their resistance and their cultural preservation and their community. They connect to each other through their family, homeland, music, food, and beliefs. 2. What holidays do Latinos keep?
As Americans, Latinos celebrate the typical American holidays of New years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. But specifically the ones for their heritage would be (if catholic): 5 de mayo 
3. What is the religious breakdown of Latinos?
For the most part latinos are catholic, but there is a diversity of other Christians and Jehovah Witness and few practice other religious beliefs.
4. What region (geographically) defines a Latino?
Mexico and Central America
5. Are there any distinct holidays meant just for Latinos?
5 De Mayo. Aside from that they have celebrations such as Baptism , communion, confirmation, Quinceneras, weddings. all in relations to their religion.
6. Is there a current Latino leader? And if so, who is it?
Leaders would be those Latinos who are in positions of leadership in the nation, like Sonya Sotomayor, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
7. Are there different types of Latinos?
Everyone who's family decent is either mexican or from any body of land of central america ex. el salvador, guatemala.
8. Give a description of Latino culture.
 They are very family oriented, their religion is what keeps them together. in their communities they have street vendors and painting that they create in order to show that they are advocates for latino acknowledgement.
They eat tacos, rice, beans, pupusas, churros, raspados, quesadillas and much more

9. What unites Latinos?
Their community is what unites them. The common search for equality when coming into the states
Everything mentioned above is what unites them as one.