Frequently Asked Questions about Judaism

What defines a Jew? 
 Judaism is the belief in one God, Hashem, and believe that the Bible is His divine book. A Jew follows Judaism adn its book of Laws called the Torah.
What is the Sabbath?
One day a week, Saturday, Jews celebrate the weekly Sabbath in which they use no electornics, do not work, and just rest. It is  a special day where the Jews strengethen their spiritual connection to God through prayer and feasting.
How long have the Jews been around for?
The Jewish calendar is 5770 years old, however the first person to recognize a monotheistic God was Abraham the first Forefather, three thousand years ago. After the Torah was given, the Jewish nation was fianlly born.
Who is the current leader of the Jewish people?
Simply, there is no one leader. However, the Jews look up to their Rabbis, who are learned in the Torah and its laws for leadership and direction.
What is the connection between Jews and Israel?
God promised Abraham and our Forefathers three thousand years ago, that his descendants would have a homeland in the area now known as Israel.
What are the differnt types of Jews?
Jews today have branched off into multiple sects including: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Charaidi, Reconstruction, as well as Ashkenazi, Jews from Eurpoean descent and Sefaradim, Jews from Spanish and Middle East descent, which split due to geographic expulsion
What is Kosher?
The Torah outlines certain dietary restriction Jews are allowed to eat. For example, milk cannot be eaten with meat, meat only eaten from animals with split hooves and that chew their cud (the prohibiton of eating pork), and the meat must be ritually slaughtered according to the Torah law.